LATEST 2008 january ACCENTURE Employment Questions paper 2

Accenture Test paper 3

1)question papers will repete

2)Be careful in HR Round(its an elimination round)
2.1)dont lie in hr,becoz to cover that lie you need to say bigger lies & u will be trapped somewhere
2.2)always be a keen listner with a pleasent face(if u are NOT atleast act like that)
2.3)finally HR will say "Do you have any Questions??". its very important because that question reveals your attitude & knowledge about the industry you are going to work.Ask some startling, unexpected questions!!!

3)Technical round
If you are from Computer science prepare well in
3.1) DBMS(normalization,1NF,2NF,3NF,BCNF,4NF,5NF with examples,Database architecture,schema architecture,DDL,DML,role of s/m administrator,concurrency control(locking,timestamps))
3.2) Datastructures
sorting algorithms(buble,selection,insertion,quick,shell,heap & may be radix sort,be prepared to write those C or C++ code)
hashing functions etc
3.3) C (link list implimentation,tree,stack,Queue etc,also expect some simple string manipulation programs)
3.4)Operating system
Memory management(paging,segmentation,virtual memory,buddy systems,page tables,Process sheduling algorithms,page replacement algorithms),deadlock,semaphore,monotors,mutex etc

Gudluck for ur job Employment

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