2016 imp qs Test paper 2 for TCS Interview (must read)

Test paper 2 for TCS Interview


All questions were from Barron’s GRE book. One of my friend remembered 800 words but got none of them. So I suggest to remember words based on Prefix, Root & Suffix method.
Bit operation…
A: 10011010
B: 11011011
C: 01011010
Find (AUB)nC
Find the odd one out: Three were DBMSs & one was OS
Find the odd one out: I can’t recall the question.
5 questions were based on Data Interpretation. The question was something related to number of members in a club in 5 successive years. One of the questions was to calculate %age rise in members between three years. Better refer Data Interpretation part in R.S. Agarwal book.
What is the largest prime number stored in 6 bits.
Convert some number in Hexadecimal to Decimal
Given g(0)=1, g(1)=-1 & g(n)=g(n-1)+g(n-2), find g(6).
Question based on coding a word.
5, 8, 14, x, 35, 50… Find x. Answer: 23
Question base on program size & memory occupied. Find %age change when size of program is changed.
In Chennai, temperature at noon varies by (T^2)/6 + 12T + 12 where T is the time elapsed from noon. Find %age change in temperature between 3PM & 6PM
A 2D array is declared as A[9, 7], each element occupies 4 bytes. The array starts at the location 3000. Find the location of A[8, 5]
Three questions based on Venn diagram, related to Football, Tennis & Cricket players.
Recognize equation of a given curve.
What is the number of Vertices, Edges & Faces of a cube.
Question related to work & time.
Find the value of M(363, 5)+R(3.4)+T(7.8)-R(3.8) where M is modulus, R is round-off, T is truncate. Answer: 9
Question related to data transmission time.
Which are orthogonal pairs?

If A, B, C are the mechanisms used to reduce fuel consumption rate by 25%, 20% & 10% respectively. Find the total fuel economy if they were used individually.
Set of values for X, Y were given & asked to find the equation.
# represents double & $ represents change in sign. Find the value of some expression
Which is the power of 4? 1024, 4048. … Answer: 4048 (All options were divisible by 4 but only 4048 is a power of 4)
Question on flight takes off at some place given by the latitude & longitude at 1AM & lands on some other location after 13 hours. Find the time at destination.
A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 900 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to Power a plant opposite to that of the river & 3000mts away from the power unit. The cost of the cable below water is Rs.15/- per meter & cost of cable on the bank is Rs.5/- per meter. Find the length where the cable is to be cut. ANS: 2100m.
Find the singular matrix.
Which of the number series has highest standard deviation?
Match the following.
Some alphabet series were given & asked to find number of occurrences satisfying given condition.
Critical Reasoning.
8 questions were on one passage "7 politicians attending a party. They are seated in some way". 4 questions were on the passage "Red & Brown group in a community & conditions for their marriage". Almost all of those who answer at least one passage may be called for 2nd round.
Technical + HR Round
Out of 41 they asked 11 of us to remain for this round & others were told to come the next day. We were 8 from CSE, 2 from EEE & 1 from ISE. Others were from other branches including ISE. I was called after 6 students. Everyone was having tension but I used to tell them be free. When my name was called, I also got tensed.
I got in, Mr. Ramanujam, HR personnel, welcomed me. He was very friendly & so I got relaxed. The questions were like this.
How do you feel about the test?
I said " It is good. But I think you should make the aptitude test little hard". He said " See Mr. Narayan, now itself only 41 cleared the test. If we make the test still harder then only 10 may cross & we have to go back with 6 or 7. We can’t do this because ours is a big company & we have a large requirements. Any way good, good".
Tell me about you, your family.
What are your strength & weaknesses?
He explained me the problem I may encounter with my weakness.
So what steps are you taking to overcome that?
So you are the branch 3rd topper last year. Very good.
Which is your favorite subject?
What is the difference between Malloc & Calloc?
What are different types of DBMS?
Till then this question was asked to everyone. All said only two: Relational & Hierarchical. I said: "In the early days they were using Hierarchical & Network DBMS".
What about them now?
I answered "They are still used but nowadays, Relational, Object, & Object-Relational DBMS are widely used"
Very good. What are the stages in SE?
Where do you want to work?
If you get selected for TCS, what you want to be in next 5 years?

Best of luck for ur interview

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